Dagola DAG Oil – contains up to 50% Diacylglycerols (DAGs) the scientifically proven healthier form of dietary lipids in fats and oils as opposed to the more harmful and prevalent triacylglycerols found in all seed oils. The metabolic pathway in the body with the Dagola Oil is different from conventional olive oil in that by converting the triglycerides to diglycerides (diacylglycerols) through a natural, proprietary, enzymatic process, the result is less fat is stored in the body. 

Dagola “guilt free” cooking oil is perfect for roasting, baking, frying and salad dressings. The result? You can cook up, guilt-free, enjoying every meal a whole lot more. You can stop worrying about how much oil you are using on your steak, your chicken, your salad, and every other meal you prepare. Our oil, which clinical research studies have shown enables you to maintain a healthy weight and adhere to a healthy diet sustainably, is the tastiest way out there to keep the look and fitness you want. It’s not a fat substitute, but rather a differently metabolized fat.

Olive Diacylglycerol Oil

Dagola Olive DAG Oil, contains 50% diacylglycerols, is made from extra virgin oil.

Available in : 250 mL, glass bottle