Cooking Made Healthy
With DAGola

It is said that 99% of people do not know what the ingredients are in the cooking oil that they eat every day. In point of fact, the natural ingredients in cooking oils are mostly triglycerides, a small amount of diglycerides and fat-soluble nutritional factors. 

The excessive ingestion of triglycerides has been implicated in a series of health problems – obesity, atherosclerosis, other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, even cancer. 

Diglycerides, on the other hand, contribute less to the accumulation of fat in the body, because they can be directly metabolized into energy, and this metabolic process also burns excess fat in internal organs and subcutaneous tissues, so that the brain, blood vessels, and liver are less susceptible to the chronic diseases associated with triglycerides. Long-term use of diglyceride cooking oil lowers uric acid, blood lipids and contributes to weight loss. 

Why DAGola Oil

It’s all about “Guilt-free” cooking

Cooking with oil is a tasty way to cook, but isn’t always great for your health? Until now. With DAGola, it needn’t be unhealthy. What if we could tell you that you could actually help MAINTAIN or LOWER your weight while enjoying your usual foods?  

Well, that’s a possibility with DAGola, the world’s only oil that works with your liver to remove fatty acids from your food. The result is a lower amount of triglyceride retention and reduced adipose tissue (body fat), too. It’s the healthiest oil to cook with, worldwide.

The Science of DAGola

DAGola oil contains a high concentration of Diacylglycerols (DAGs), which replace the usual triacylglycerols (TAGs) found in traditional oils. Clinical studies have shown that while both DAGs and TAGs are absorbed by the body through the intestine, they are metabolized in a different way, allowing more of the fatty acids of DAGola oil to be broken down and removed by the liver. TAG oils are stored in body fat, which over time can increase body weight and impact the consumer’s health.

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Time For An Oil Change!

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Bread is Done
Wok ramen

Using DAGola oil is simple. There are no restrictions on the foods you can consume with DAGola. It works just like your usual cooking oil and has a similar burning point. What’s more, it is virtually tasteless, so can be used for frying, drizzling, roasting, salad dressings and more without fear of offending your taste buds!

We love what we do and how we do it ! We put our ultimate care, obsession with quality and unwavering passion into creating our DAG oil