D A G o l a

A healthy oil for the healthy you

At DAGola, we are committed to providing the most healthiest cooking oil to the health-conscious throughout the globe. Like you, we were sick of reading about the latest diet and health fads and wanted to contribute something positive and healthy to the diet and nutrition world – something that was based on scientific facts. The result is DAGola oil, our delicious cooking oil that can help you maintain your weight while enjoying all of the foods you love.

Scientific Studies At The Heart Of Our Operation

Research Driven

We’ve researched our product for many years to ensure that it is not only safe for consumption, but also offers health improvements, particularly to those who are diabetic. Scientific studies have found that DAG oil can help control diabetes and pre-diabetes by promoting weight control and operating as a substitute to traditional trans-fat oils.

Why DAG (Diacylglycerol)?

Diacylglycerol is a natural component of various edible oils. Clinical studies suggested that when diacylglycerol is consumed in large amounts, it has metabolic characteristics that are distinct from those of triacylglycerol and that these characteristics may be beneficial in preventing and managing metabolic disorders.

Diacylglycerol Oil Has Been Extensively Investigated In Human Trials

What Do Doctors Say About DAGola Cooking Oil

Dr. Federico Maese, Cardiologist

I cook with DAGola myself, great tasting and I recommend it as part of your lifestyle modification to help with triglyceride issues and weight management.

Dr. Mark Martens, Gynecologist

DAGola oil for cooking and salads tastes great and has strong science and clinical results supporting its beneficial effects on weight management and triglycerides.

Dr. Ford Moore, Oral Surgeon

Patients prepping for surgery should consider trying to improve overall health. DAGola oil could be an important part of a regimen for optimizing your pre-surgery preparation.

DAGola product you consume is made with care and adheres to strict standards designed to improve your health

ISO 22000 Certification

We place great emphasis on the certification and quality assurance of both products and production processes according to the specifications of internationally recognized organizations.

HACCP Certification

The DAG oil standardization processes are according to ISO 22000 and ΙSO 9001 quality standards.

FDA Registration

Our DAG oil products are controlled systematically in its labs and fulfill the strictest FDA specifications.